BAD DOLLS CLUB is your one-stop shop for all your straight up BAD GIRL needs. We're all about building a special little community here & cultivating products that you NEED in your life. Aside from all of the super dope & amazing shxt that we sell... we are also rly excited to connect with new club members and grow together (started from the bottom now we here).

The clubhouse doors have JUSSST opened (JUNE 2015) so if you're reading this, WELCOME! YOU'RE FIRST! YOU'RE ONTO SOMETHING GOOOOOOOOD. 

MEMBERSHIP; "a formal association of people with similar interests". If you want in, enter your EMAIL below. If you need advice, inspiration, or friendship, we got your back. We'll be your Dolly Doctor, your Carrie Bradshaw and your Dr. Phil all in one place. If you need us, we'll be here. send us an email with the subject line AGENDA & we'll get back to u. In exchange, we will lean on you too. We need advice, support and honesty... & we will be asking all of these things form our members. Our email is (ok so we forgot the 'S' in there, we know... #yolo)

 we promise to always be loyal to YOU & you only. Looking forward to seeing your name in our inbox ;) xx BDC







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