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What's been keeping me busy this month..  

"RIA LINEN TOP" (currently in development)

Available for purchase soon, follow the journey below...


31/03/16: Stoked to get this embroidered sample yesterday!

Gonna change the base fabric to be pink - here's a sample I already had from previous development

& This is a pic from my spec - finished look


26/03/16: Just bought bulk trims for these babies.. heart eyes



24/03/16: Found a new fabric shop this week.. dreamy. Think I finally found the trim!!

11/03/16: The trims I used on my sample are now out of stock .. sigh. So here I am, looking for trims for bulk production. Shouldn't be too difficult, this place is so dreamy

11/03/16: I am very particular though.. especially with sequins. Getting distracted but.. that's a BIG ZIP

05/03/16: Sewing my sample!

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welcome 2 the BAD DOLLS CLUB

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Welcomeeee! We're so glad you're here. This is the section where we open up our diary to reveal our hopes & dreams & bad habits to the world. We're exposing our creative process and we wana share it ALL with you. This is your #1 destination for ALL updates & insights into the lives & times of the BAD DOLLS CLUBIf you're a dreamer, a wisher, a liar.. come in!
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